Textiles speak...

....through their aesthetics; they must always contribute to the functionality of the holistic solution they are part of. Textile design, can rarely be seen as an isolated topic, but often operates in close context with another area of design, i.e. fashion-, interior-, room or object based design.

As a designer I have worked with holistic design. I have made international bestsellers for IKEA. Aestetic I juggle with everything from white tactile collections to multicolored graphic patterns and natural colors. Textiles are surfaces that accompany our lives, Let them speak.

IKEA Ofelia 

IKEA Classic for 12 years
International Profile
Concept, Collection, Qualities, Functionality, Contemporary
Homeware. Textiles

Ikea Ofelia was a large white textile collection at IKEA. The whole expression lay on the surfaces of the textiles. The inspiration was Snekkersten beach and harbor as well as the mindfullness nature gives here. Peace of mind. Presence. Sensuality. The collection has existed from 2008-2020

IKEA Andrea

Worldwide Bestseller
International Profile
Functionality, Contemporary
Homeware. Textiles 

The task IKEA gave me was to draw an ethnic-Asian collection, but with a distinct Nordic touch.

Andrea was consisting of duvet covers, cushions, tablecloths, tassels ect. The multicolored striped duvet cover “Andrea Satin” (the stripes) became a worldwide bestseller for 6 years


International Profile
Concept, Contemporary Colletion
New digital techniques
Homeware. Textiles

Nordic rugs for private homes.
Collections. Concept & Design - Ege Carpets - DK

Designs to super hospital

International Profile
Functionality, Communication, Contemporary
Public Textiles

What is important when you need a new duvet cover for all the beds and ambulances in the new biggest colorfull hospital in Denmark?


Danish Profile
Functionality, Contemporary
Homeware. Textiles

Nordic dishtowels for private homes.
Collections. Concept & Design - Ørskov - Denmark