Textiles for Super Hospital

International Profile
Functionality, Communication, Contemporary
Public Textiles

In Aarhus in Denmark, the country's largest super hospital AUH is being built. There are stylish lines and color attitudes from the architects C.F Møller. The lines in the outdoor space are organic, as is the newly purchased art with curator and artist Niels Erik Gjerdevik. His world and colors harmoniously bring together the new works.

The task 

....to design a print for our combi duvet with a fixed cover. Beautiful, and relatively timeless, A little colorful. A visually strong design element in the new hospitals' bed rooms, as well as used in many contexts. 

The design must be related to colors and art in the house

The solution

How can textiles speak and help more than just being a duvet cover?

They can help the patient to be abstracted during the long silent waiting periods during hospitalization.

The patient's most frequent resources: The eye and the tactile.

The solution: Play with the eye, explore, find systems to make the brain play quietly and present. Maybe to a state of mindfulness.

The design project was unfortunately never realized.