Concept and design 
for living products

Good design contains function, communicates and has a message with it. I've done lots of designs where aesthetics is the immediate. However, my designs have other than beauty and colors as an agenda. The aesthetic teases your senses and invites us to the dialogue that the design has in it. I hope you experience my designs like this - whether it is as a craft in gold or it is a concept for functional products that make children predisposed to become healthier adults.

Tableware "Kitchenkids

Bodum design award 

Award Winning
International Profile
Functionality, Contemporary
Children´s Empowerment

Bodum design award was the Nordic region's largest design award in 2011. It was an honor to receive an award for concept and product design.
"Kitchen Kids". Concept and design in a collaboration with Josefine Bentzen. - Prototypes.

Bodum Design Award 2011

Red dot Design Award 2011 

Exhibited at Philadelphia Museum of Art 2012

N1 - Handmade jewelry 

Unique Craftsmanship

Aesthetic, Contemporary

Jewels Collection. Women's Beauty

Handmade jewelry in silver with gold plating. 2 rings. two chains with pendants. a pair of ear studs.A collaboration between Skak & Goldsmith Karsten Lank.