Tableware "Kitchenkids" 
Bodum design award


Award Winning
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Functionality, Contemporary
Children´s Empowerment

Children engaged in the preparation of the wholesome family meal acquire healthier eating habits and a greater curiosity towards new and unknown foods because they take the ownership of their meal.
These habits continue into adulthood, leaving the extra time spent in the kitchen with your child as a very good investment in the health and future life of your child.

The Kitchen Kids Collection consists of the following; a knife, a vegetable peeler, a chopping board, a vegetable grater, a bowl, and a protective mitten, giving the parents peace of mind when the children use the sharp tools.



Children in the kitchen; a question of social recognition.

The joy of food is founded in positive experiences with the preparation of it in the kitchen, the consumption of it around the dining room table and the enjoyment of it in the soul.

However a busy everyday life and the fear of accidents keeps the children at bay from even the most simple kitchen chores such as helping out with cleaning the vegetables. But many children are very proud of and happy to contribute to the common meal. They see this as a way of giving others care and affection, and in this way, they gain social recognition from the family unit.

Using color and form, the sharp tools are designed so there is a clear distinction between where it is “dangerous” and where it is safe. All handles have a distinctive functional pattern and a rubberized surface providing the best grip possible. The functional pattern is at first sight just a structure, but the structure is derived from a barcode, the digital signature of the specific product.

To protect the fingers of the child, a set of mittens have been created. They are made from silicone and have the same distinctive functional pattern in the palm of the hand, allowing for a good grip on the items to be chopped, grated or peeled. For the parents to feel secure about the mitten, a red buckle is added for them to close around the wrist of the child.


For collecting the grated vegetables, a transparent bowl is made to be connected to the grater. It can be tilted in two directions allowing for the best ergonomics possible. And it can be used to serve the grated vegetable salad in.


The mixing bottle for dressing is made from translucent silicone and has a transparent graphic interface that simplifies the recipes for the child. A vinaigrette dressing could be made in the following way; fill up with the following to no.1 olive oil, no.2 mustard, no.3 honey, no.4 vinegar, no.5 salt & pepper. Mix and shake well. And squeeze the desired amount over the salad.

Design in collaboration with Josefine Bentzen.

Bodum Design Award 2011

Red dot Design Award 2011 

Exhibited at Philadelphia Museum of Art 2012