I do Skaks Art, & Design
and do concepts in :

-Living Design
-Textile collections
-Graphic Design
-Patterns & surfaces

-Peoples careers

What you don´t know is more important than what you know.

Design must create value and provide clear competitive advantages. In collaboration with you, we create innovative ideas. We develop sustainable product solutions and follow them to the door. We work concretely and purposefully, with useful and profitable solutions.

Textiles speak..

....through their aesthetics; they must always contribute to the functionality of the holistic solution they are part of. Textile design, can rarely be seen as an isolated topic, but often operates in close context with another area of design, i.e. fashion-, interior-, room or object based design, it is imperative to take the solidarity of the field into consideration.

As a designer I have worked with holistic design. I have made international bestsellers for IKEA, and can juggle everything from white tactile collections to multicolored graphic patterns and natural colors. Textiles are surfaces that accompany our lives, Let them speak.

Living design and concepts

Good design contains function, communicates and has a message with it.

. I've done lots of designs where aesthetics is the immediate. However, my designs have other than beauty and colors as an agenda. The aesthetic teases your senses and invites them to the dialogue that the design has in it. I hope you experience my designs like this - whether it is as a craft in gold or it is a concept for functional products that make children predisposed to become healthier adults.

Visual communication

How can you communicate a message very simply. Do it with a shape. With a logo, a color. With a typography. Or with a pattern.
I have uploaded a few cases on it.