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I do art...

....As an artist, I do movements between documentaries of the unpolished abstract aesthetic of

human and their visual track of experience.

As an artist, I am interested in feminist energy narratives. 

I have exhibited video art at 2 of Denmark's 5 recognized censored exhibitions:

Artists' Autumn Exhibition/ Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling 2022  Æstetisk Redskab #1, Video 

Artists' Easter Exhibition/ Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling 2023 Æstetisk Redskab #2, Video 

At both exhibitions, only approx. 5% of applicants accepted (approx. 40 works each place)

Easter bunnies 


Video, performance, food, femmes, and dressed-up bunnies.

An easter performance together with Channie Koksvik, Laura Allen Müller, Marzena Anna Goraj, and Radmilla Radjic

Æstetisk Redskab 1


Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling  Video 2 min.

Feminist energy narratives meet nature

Music composed and performed by Jonas Berg

Æstetisk Redskab 2


Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling .Video installation 9 min.

3 women aged +70.

They are each in their powerful feminine energy.

Photographer: JoJo Joachim Johansen

Editor: Zo JiJi

Music composed and performed by Jonas Berg

Nadya Riot call x Feminist Art

2023 Exhibition Lumen Studio, New York, Video art/NYC NFT 1 min

Curateret af Nadya Riot, Pussy Riot . Palm Foundation

KI AI #1 The video portrait of Nadja's KIAI is the kiai of a female karateka.

The KIAI Sound is the concentration of all the karate practitioner's energy in one movement.

"KI" 気, Denotes inner energy, soul, and spirit.
"AI" 合, Means to gather, to unite.

If done properly, KIAI anatomically causes a contraction of most of the muscles in the torso and abdomen, which can dampen the effect of the blows that the karateka can expect to receive in combat and simultaneously send their fighting energy against his opponent.

Nadja's KIAI is: [seør!!]

Nadja has 1.Dan. Black belt, in full contact karate. She has been training in karate for 10 years. She is 48 years old and 157 cm tall.
She is the first woman in the club's 40-year history to achieve this degree.